Players Selection Process

The search for the best basketball players in the MENA region begins with online nominations beginning from the first day after the previous years event and closing 3 weeks prior to the start of the next event. Players can be nominated by the following approved groups:

  • School Basketball Coaches or Athletic Staff
  • National Basketball Federation Coaches or Athletic Staff
  • MENA Basketball Selected Coaches
  • MENA Basketball Committee Members


Each Submission must have completed the following information to be considered and evaluated by the MENA Basketball committee:

  • Player Profile (Height, Weight, DOB, Resume of competitive basketball experience)
  • Online Game Tape (Must be of most recent season)
  • Head Shot (Must be colour and most recent)
  • School Transcripts (Must be of most recent year)
  • Copy of Residency Permit of current MENA country


Once all players are reviewed and shortlisted a MENA Basketball Showcase nomination letter will be sent to the player confirming its participation to the event.

The selected players will be split into 2 teams by the selection committee based upon physical skill and attributes to make the all star game the most evenly matched. Each team will hold a roster of 10 minimum players per roster.

If you have any further questions in regards to eligibility or player nomination please email


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