2014 All Star Team Roster

The Black vs Grey all star game is the main event of the MENA Basketball Showcase. 20 youth players across 14 countries will be represented in the inaugural game.

Team Black

player8_stats1 stats_bar_wed2 stats_bar_mohammed_attia stats_bar_30th_2 stats_bar_30th_8 stats_bar_30th_1 stats_bar_addhulrahman_saada stats_bar_30th_3 stats_bar_30th_9 stats_bar_30th_4


Team Grey

player10_stats1 player4_stats player5_stats player7_stats stats_bar_ezzat_kaisi player9_stats player13_stats stats_bar_30th_7stats_bar_30th_6stats_bar_30th_5