Basketball Combine – presented by SKLZ



A sports combine is usually a combination of certain sport specific conditioning drills to determine speed, strength and skill level depending on the sport. This abilities are put on display for coaches, scouts and whom ever would be interested in watching the evaluation of the athlete. For the athlete it is a chance to display you abilities, speed, strenght and skill set for a specific sport. It usually involves some kind of weight lifting, agility drills, sprinting and depending on the sport a set of specific sport drills. Example for football would be a quarterback making all the required throws he would have to make in a game.

The athletic tests include a standing vertical jump, maximum vertical jump, bench press, three-quarter-court sprint time, lane agility time, and modified event time. Physical measurements include height with shoes, height without shoes, wingspan, weight, standing reach, body fat, hand length, and hand width. The shooting tests include spot-up three-point field goals from various distances (high school, college, and NBA) depending upon position, shooting off the dribble, and timed jump shots on the move.